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Back in time, February fun! (Worcestershire County Museum)


Me and Ayla went on a little explore today as it is half term and our usual groups are not running this week. I decided to head toward Hartlebury and perhaps visit the common when I stumbled across this County Museum advertising half term activities, and Im really glad we did!


We were looking forward to something fun especially as the baby’s due date is getting nearer, I am taking this opportunity to have some quality Mummy daughter time before we have our hands full with our new little arrival!

The lady greeted us at the desk and as Ayla is under 5 her addmission was free, Adult price is only £5 and I paid £2 for Ayla to do all three of the craft activities which were being run throughout the Museum.

I was in heaven as they had a fantastic display of Gypsy Bow Top wagons and exhibits of horses in harness!

I really hope to one day own my own bow top, they are just so beautiful they really are captivating and they look so cosy inside!

We even found a Blacksmiths forge which Ayla was confused why her Daddy wasn’t actually forging there. I did try to explain it was like Daddy’s forge but not actually his … her little voice calling out ‘Where is Daddy?’ as she peered in!


Inside the museum we were invited to take part in a trail to find the ‘frogs’ which were numbered and hiding around the exhibits which really helped to add an element of excitement. Ayla enjoyed finding them and pointing them out to me!

This was one of the clues we found in the Victorian class room. Ayla particularly liked this room and it reminded me of myself as I was always fascinated finding out what life had been like for children years ago.


She took her time in Victorian school quite seriously and insisted that I be the teacher 🙂

This museum is perfect for little ones as the exhibits are so interactive, they have really thought about children attending and made the history of it all come alive for them. Ayla could listen to different peoples accounts of farming from local people recalling the past. She told me at one stage she thought it might be ‘Mary Poppins speaking to her’ which of course she thought was brilliant! There was dressing up to be done, buttons to press, mini electric trains to watch, old fashioned toys to have a go with, coin rubbing and more!

I loved watching her run around the carriage circle and pretend to be stuck in the stocks 🙂

The cafe was great too, simple hearty food at value for money and good service, I really recommend this place as a visit for all the family to enjoy!

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The craft activites were really well thought out and each one had a set person to explain and help you make each one. Ayla was also given a certificate for completing her trail and entered into a prize draw at the end to win some more goodies.

Would definitely recommend!

…..Now all I need to do is figure out how I can get my hands on one of these gorgeous

bow tops! 🙂



Happy February Fun Everyone!

You can visit the County Museum Information site at :



Walked till we dropped!

Decided to take Ayla to a nature reserve nestled away not too far from where we live. I had heard about it from friends but never been, and once again it seemed we had the place pretty much to ourselves.

2014-05-02 10.36.46This was the map to show you the trails, it didn’t appear to have a scale of the route but maybe it did? Anyway me being naive decided it couldn’t be that big… (or so I thought)… should be a fairly simple trek around so I chose the yellow trail for me and Ayla to follow.

2014-05-02 10.36.52 2014-05-02 10.45.56

We started off strong and keen… even Rosie the dolly was made to walk!

2014-05-02 10.39.43

We were showered with blossom as we walked between the apple trees, like walking down an aisle of confetti.

2014-05-02 10.50.03 2014-05-02 10.50.11 2014-05-02 10.50.18

I tried to capture as much of the wildlife as I could but as it is often moving it’s not always easy, so I took photos of still things…

2014-05-02 10.45.37 2014-05-02 10.49.31 2014-05-02 11.07.57 2014-05-02 11.36.34 2014-05-02 11.12.01

I knew Ayla was getting tired ….

2014-05-02 10.59.38

So we sat for a while on a log and watched the water go by (Even Rosie Dolly)

2014-05-02 10.56.52 2014-05-02 11.09.30

I managed to gee us up a bit with the hunt for cows, there had been signs to say they were in the meadow, luckily we found two having a rest (or Ayla would have felt hugely conned seeing as I made such a big deal about going to visit them).

2014-05-02 11.29.20

After we found the cows Ayla was not up for much more and wanted to be carried. At this point I was in two minds whether to turn back but I was sure we must be nearing the end of the trail. I walked all the way around this field until I met a couple that said the rest of the trail was steep this way and she pointed me in the direction to follower a flatter trail.

I got lost….

Ayla got tired….

I can’t believe I got lost! …

We found a bridge which was exciting

2014-05-02 11.48.58 2014-05-02 11.50.27

There was  map beside the bridge so we followed it……

I still got lost!

Ayla fell asleep

So I walked the rest of the way back with her swaying about on my shoulder as I made my way out of the nature reserve entirely and followed the lanes back to the road to find the car.

2014-05-02 12.17.33

Blissfully unaware 🙂

Doctor Doctor…..

Poor little Ayla Baby has a chest infection, we took her to the doctors yesterday which was funny because she looked about as sick as… well not a very sick person in the waiting room. We were waiting for over an hour and for a 15 month old 1 hour is like an eternity!

2014-02-09 14.45.40

We started off with a book which was quite civilised until it came to the tiger pictures which instilled loud roaring much to the other patients surprise. Which quickly turned to wanting ‘down’ so I gave her the car keys and one of her toy figures which lasted all of about 5 mins which then became a dance around the waiting room and waddling up and down the corridor with either me or mum attempting to herd her in directions that were least offensive to the other people waiting in the surgery. She did spot a gentleman on a mobility scooter and pointed quite excitedly ‘Tractor! Tractor!’ … I suppose a sit on scooter vaguely represents her sit-on toy tractor.

Just when we thought we had run out of ammunition to keep her amused mum whipped out a pencil and paper from her handbag which held Ayla’s attention until we were finally seen.

Really lovely doctor and it turns out I wasn’t an over-reacting-first-time-parent and she has a chest infection or touch of croup, she wasn’t sure but either way Ayla has some medicine and is on the mend.

                                                                                                                                                                       So we spent the rest of today being ill…..not!

We played tents!

2014-02-11 17.03.15

2014-02-11 17.02.04

And did LOTS of drawing and colouring in the kitchen, which was accompanied by lots of chatting.

2014-02-11 17.30.282014-02-11 17.31.49

Then we played more tents!

2014-02-11 17.03.27

Had a lovely visit from Uncle Grant too and managed to actually fall asleep eating lunch!

Here’s to not being ill! And to taking my neck brace off for a whole day for the first time in over three months!!! Woo Hoo!! I never want to wear one again!

I leave you with….

Eating corn-on-the cob for the first time!

2014-02-10 18.43.54 2014-02-10 18.44.08