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Spring is here at last!


There is nothing quite like the spring sunshine after the winter and the promise of a new season ahead. Easter is well and truly on its way which is always a special time of year and reminds us of how blessed we really are.

When the dark clouds lift and you feel the warmth of the sun once again it seems that everything touched by its rays speak of new life and good things to come…. Summer!


This is a particularly special Spring for us as a family as we are awaiting the arrival of the latest addition to our nest. I am 39 weeks pregnant and although I appreciate what my body has been doing to grow this little person inside my belly I am pretty exhausted now and very ready for birth to come and pregnancy to finish.

My hospital bag is packed, which I was reluctant to put too much in as last time I remember not using much of it, however I have still managed to fill a bag, probably again with too much stuff!



Shilo has been soaking up some rays through the kitchen window and I can honestly say these sunny mornings lift my spirits. We haven’t been to visit the lambs this year as it is not recommended for pregnant mothers, however we are hoping to welcome some chickens into our coop later this year, so watch this space!!

We dont often need an excuse for a good walk but now the baby is ready to arrive we thought some walking might coax my body into labour and with a sunny but cool afternoon yesterday we took a trek up to the top of the valley and Josh my other half tried out his new/second hand lense for his camera.

I love watching Ayla in the outdoors, there is so much joy and freedom, we are truly blessed to live where we do.

I hope the sun has shown its face where ever you are and with the promise of Summer on its way there is such expectation in the air, I am really excited to see what lies ahead and for some fun outside.

Looking forward to getting the garden sorted, there is lots to be done, we are hoping to build a shed, do up Ayla’s wendy house, put the poly tunnel up and plant some fresh fruit and veg.

So watch this space! … I will also be looking out for some elderflowers again this year from our tree and perhaps have a go at making some elderflower champagne for the grown ups ๐Ÿ™‚ as well as the cordial!


Hopefully next blog there will be four of us to photograph!

In the meantime if you get a chance to escape into the sunshine and walk somewhere you feel free, try putting your worries aside and escape for a moment! We could all learn a thing or too from children they really have a great out look on the world.


Mark 10:14

Jesus said to them, โ€œLet the children come to me. Donโ€™t stop them! For the Kingdom of God belongs to those who are like these children.”


Snowdrops and a Case of Mistaken-Cat Identity!

The snowdrops are looking great this year, and so many of them!

2014-02-22 15.49.55It feels like spring has sprung… although, I can’t help feeling its all too good to be true, and hoping we’re not in for a nasty shock of ‘May snow’ or something crazy! I just can’t seem to understand our weather/seasons any more.

Caleb was not feeling particularly photogenic …..

2014-02-22 15.50.01

Which was a shame… on the plus side he was up for lots of fuss instead ๐Ÿ™‚ which I dutifully gave him. He is possibly the chattiest, friendliest cat you could ever wish to meet.

Percy was feeling much more photogenic, when we took a visit this weekend to see Ayla’s Granny and Grandad. He is so handsome and has the softest cuddliest coat.

2014-02-22 16.25.54 2014-02-22 16.37.49

My unfortunate case of mistaken cat-identity.

One winters night driving back from the stables I saw a dead cat lying in the side of the road (it was a pitch black country lane… in my defence) I stopped the car fearing the worst and peering down at the little black cat with white paws and a white chest I started to cry. At the time I remember looking at his face and thinking it didn’t look completely like our cat, but then I thought, I suppose you wouldn’t look yourself after being … well .. knocked down.

Wrapping the cat up, I sobbed as I lay him down in the car and drove the short distance back to the house. I then had the agonising decision of how to break the news to Josh. When no sooner had I stepped out of the car when I heard “mmmeaow”, and the cat flap swinging… “Caleb?….CALEB!!”. Scooping him up into my arms I ran into the house tears of joy now down my face and Josh looking bewildered.

“What’s happened??” he asked

” I thought Caleb had been ran over! “

“He’s fine “

“Yes … but, I’ve got a cat in the back of the car….and he isn’t!”

I was so embarrassed I made Josh drive the poor dead cat back to where I had found it and knock on the nearest house. Turned out it was a cat from one of the farms and Josh was able to break the news to the owner. I was so relieved it wasn’t Caleb but felt awful for that poor cat…. he actually didn’t look like Caleb really, I had just convinced myself it was him.

Our Cats (Three brothers) – Top – Amos (sadly no longer with us R.I.P lovely boy), bottom left – Caleb and right – Shilo, all relaxing together!