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Autumn Days!

Well it has been an incredibly long time since I last posted… so long in fact that we are even expecting a new addition to the family in March and I am currently 21 weeks pregnant!

Ayla has celebrated her 3rd birthday and life at home has been steadily becoming more and more like winter is upon us.

This Autumn we have been having plenty of Autumnal fun!… with walks in the woods and some leafy crafts to keep us busy on these blustery days.20151014_160142

We had lots of fun picking leaves from the garden one afternoon and making a lovely spikey hedgehog picture with all the sticks and crushed brown leaves.

We even had an unexpected ladybird guest in amongst our autumn finds!


We made Mr hedgehog an eye and Ayla stuck on a buttercup just to make him feel special!


We have had some lovely walks this season, one particularly special walk was through ‘The Knapp and Papermill Nature Reserve’ it was a beautiful clear day, we picked apples…

20151017_115123 20151017_120457 20151017_121314

Tried to spot some otters… (not this time!), found some ancient oak trees and met some

beautiful Highland cows with their calf’s.

20151017_120625 20151017_12471720151017_122257

We ate the apples…although a little sour! 🙂

20151017_123117 20151017_123108

This really is a super place to walk, such beauty and wildlife you really are in for a treat if you come walking in these woods! If you want to check out more info on the reserve this link will help: http://www.worcswildlifetrust.co.uk/reserves/knapp-and-papermill


Now what better way to cuddle up on these evenings as the darker nights draw in, than with a log fire and a mug of something hot!

And that is exactly what I intend to do 🙂 I absolutely love an open fire and I get quite excited at the prospect of it being lit up again!


When we can we have been collecting some of the fallen, dead timber in the woods near our house, ready for cosy times next to the fire.

20151017_175016 20151017_175821

In addition to open fires I also have a thing for candles… this is probably inherited from my Mum who actually has more candles in her home than anyone I know!

So today I took the opportunity to make some Autumn candle jars with some leaves found on our walks in the woods, some hemp string to stick around the top and a lot of PVA glue 🙂 to stick it all down!

20151112_155007 20151112_155837

Ayla used some of her special stickers and feathers to create her own design


These were really fun to make and I am thrilled with the overall effect 🙂

20151112_195438 20151112_195449 20151112_195724

On a sadder note, we recently went down to Richmond to visit friends and say goodbye to a very dear one, Saracen.

Being in his 30’s and having lived a very long happy life the difficult decision was made considering his deteriorating health to have him put to rest in the hope that his passing would be dignified, peaceful and would know love right up to the end.

He was an incredibly special horse and has played a huge part in my life as a teenager/young adult right through to me becoming a wife and Mum and he will always have a treasured place forever in my heart.

20151107_153608 20151107_161818

Whilst being down in Richmond we were able to get up close to my husbands gate which he designed and crafted.

They are hung within the grounds of Richmond park. The Forged Metal which resembles branches and leaves of oak, are the gateway to the vista which can be viewed from ‘King Henry’s mound’. If you are lucky enough to be there on a clear day you can gaze right through the vista to London, St Paul’s cathedral.


‘The Way Gates’ Richmond Park London – Joshua De Lisle – http://www.joshuadelisle.com

There is so much for me to catch up on as my blogging has somewhat disappeared.

I hope I can get in the rhythm of posting more regularly again!

Anyway I will leave you with a couple of extra shots of the season before I go…

20151107_165223 (2) 20151027_203554

Here is to Autumn and all of its glory, I hope you are able to enjoy some of this beautiful season for yourself, God bless x


Watch it burn!!

Well I have been avoiding my blog as I have neglected it for quite some time…the trouble was the more I left it the harder it seemed to get blogging again. Did not know where to start… however now I’m here I’m wondering really what all the fuss was about!

2014-11-07 15.08.52

Autumn has gone off with a bang, we enjoyed the usual celebrations of Bonfire night and all got dressed up warm to stand in a field to watch a huge pile of wood be set alight and something resembling a man be thrown on top! …. (Try explaining that to a two-year old) … I even began to question why we were all so desperate to watch it go up in flames along with the dummy of Guy Fawkes, I mean it’s all very well to celebrate the fact that the houses of parliament were not blown up but its kind of questionable to celebrate a ritual burning of a Guy every year.

I didn’t quite go to this level with Ayla as she is only two, and trying to teach them about forgive and forget and all might seem slightly hypocritical as the failed gunpowder plot actually happened in 1605…. but hey I like a good bonfire night as much as the next person!

2014-11-08 16.36.12

(apologies in advance for these blurry phone photos)

Needless to say this scene of revenge was not quite as grasping for Ayla as the rest of the crowd, thankfully she didn’t seem to notice the man being burned alive and once she had seen the bonfire that was about all there was to it and was keen to see something else. There is only so many times we could say.. ‘Look at the fire Ayla… Look at the smoke!’

2014-11-08 18.46.32     2014-11-08 18.46.57

We kept trying to keep her interest with the promise of fireworks and music to come, I had tried to prepare her for the fireworks during the week by talking about them, painting them and doing impressions, actions and noises.

2014-11-07 16.27.14     2014-11-07 16.25.32

She was on her Daddy’s shoulders as the very first rockets took flight and to see her face was a picture, (will always remember that) it was of awe, beauty and joy….. then the loud ones came out, with a BANG so hard it hits you in your chest. I kept smiling and reassuring her but could see she was starting to get anxious. There were other youngsters wailing (honestly why do we put our kids through this!) and I tried to keep her focus on us, she would bury her head in my chest when the loud ones went off so Josh covered her ears which helped and in between the loud ones were some pretty quiet ones that whizzed, sparkled and rained glitter down the sky…. ‘I like those ones Mummy’…..then the big ones again.. ‘Bit loud Mummy… TOO LOUD’.

2014-11-12 16.56.16

She didn’t cry which I was so glad about and despite not really liking the big bangs she never got upset which was a relief.

When we figured she’d had enough of the fireworks for one night, we took her into the gift shop where she picked up almost every cuddly toy… and then went through the motions of having to put each one back, so they could stay with ‘their friends’. After the fireworks we had a go on Mickey Mouse’s car which was not scary at all. When the ride stopped she informed us that…      ‘ Mummy Daddy…. Minnie’s car has run out of Petrol’

2014-11-08 19.44.26

They then put on a Sea lion show which was amazing and really helped to make the evening super special, as well as getting to see some of the fish, bats, reptiles and even the penguins.

2014-11-08 16.51.51   2014-11-08 16.42.03 2014-11-08 20.03.36

All in all a fantastic bonfire night, one to remember…. I will always remember bonfire nights fondly as for me it was the night that Josh called to invite me on our very first date. Here’s to many more special bonfire nights. Hope everyone’s pets were not too traumatised by the event. Definitely would recommend attending a professionally run event; they are always better and its never a great idea for amateurs to take explosives into their homes and set about lighting them from their gardens.

Happy Autumn days everyone… Winter is just around the corner!

2014-11-05 12.57.58

Here’s to being back on the blog… feels great 🙂

 2014-09-23 08.08.15