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Deck the Halls!

I love Christmas, not just the perfect excuse to have port in the cupboard and a mince-pie moment everyday .. at least once, but all the pieces of December that make the run up to Christmas so exciting. The decorating, the tree and all the festive colours and lights everywhere is so beautiful. Seeing it all again through my little girls eyes this year has made it extra special. I really wanted to involve her in the decorating and try to make the living room feel magical.

 DSC_0624 DSC_0612


I don’t like doing my Christmas shopping before it feels like Christmas is nearly upon us, but for some reason I find it perfectly acceptable to buy Christmas decorations out of season, especially when they are amazingly reduced and just had to come home with me! I also plucked some clippings from our garden and a few pine cones from our walks in the woods, things that would help make the place ‘feel festive’.

            2014-12-13 16.56.21             2014-12-13 16.56.36

Of course I always love a bit of homemade-crafty-fun, especially with my little one, so what better way to get in the festive spirit than decide to make some snow flakes.

2014-12-13 12.39.39 2014-12-13 12.39.54

I let Ayla paint and decorate some doilies whilst I tried to do the paper / folding / cutting snowflakes that I remember so well making when I was at school, unfortunately I had completely forgotten how to do it and after several attempts they began to resemble something of a snowflake.

I used the cuttings and berries/pine cones I had to decorate the twig hearts that I picked up from hobby craft in the summer for only £1 🙂 I also made paper chains to adorn the living room… I really like how the paper has the print on one side and the brown paper showing on the underside, (again only £1 a roll from Lidl).

DSC_0592 2014-12-13 18.51.31

I even attempted to dry my own orange circles to use as decorations. Basically you slice them and then leave them in the oven on the lowest setting for ages, until they are completely dried out.

2014-12-03 12.29.38 2014-12-03 12.31.54

Disastrously I forgot to mention to my other half that Christmas decorations were ‘drying’ in the oven and he pre heated the oven to cook something, which resulted in dried out, very burnt oranges and I didn’t attempt anymore. Oranges will be strictly eaten this season… not dried and hung, (never mind there is always next year).

Another oven ‘faux pas’ was exploding chestnuts in it! This was because we forgot to cut them or ‘someone did’ 🙂 this resulted in me actually deciding to clean the oven, something I never do and don’t intend to do for a very long time!

… And yes the mask was necessary!

 DSC_0626 DSC_0631

Love having the fireplace to decorate and with the television out of the way, the TV stand made for the perfect place for the Christmas tree.

This year the tree is sitting in the window which I always think is nice to be able to see the light inside shining out. Maybe one year we shall invest in some lights to hang in the willow tree outside.

  DSC_0616 DSC_0620   DSC_0608 DSC_0610


Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and lets not forget the greatest light this season…


Jesus the light of the world! 🙂

John 3:16



We got rid of the Tv!

Cannot believe we have actually done this, but when the bill arrived for the tv licence this year for a staggering £145!! We decided to see if we could cope without the big black box in the sitting room. I asked Josh to remove it whilst Ayla was in bed, I wanted to see if she would notice it had gone. To my surprise, the very next morning she went into the sitting room and instantly came running back to our bedroom, ‘Mummy… Daddy… Where’s Telly Gone??’

To kick off life without a telly we went for a walk in the woods…. as you do 🙂

2014-11-21 11.12.48 2014-11-21 11.29.33 2014-11-21 11.32.50 2014-11-21 11.32.59 2014-11-21 12.07.45

We did some home fun crafting, with one of Ayla’s birthday presents …Thank you Katie 🙂 Check out Katies blog at

2014-11-22 11.14.09 2014-11-22 11.36.48 2014-11-22 11.54.03 2014-11-22 12.06.28 2014-11-22 12.27.39

We did some more walking….

2014-11-22 14.14.47 2014-11-22 14.18.20

This time the cat came too…

2014-11-22 14.34.30

And I fell over in the mud

2014-11-22 14.21.08 2014-11-22 14.21.13

We made den’s and tents 🙂

2014-11-23 10.11.13 2014-11-23 10.10.26

We visited out feathery friends…

2014-11-25 14.11.27 2014-11-25 14.11.34

We set trends…

2014-11-26 16.43.57

And we got the telly back….. only joking! Im amazed at how easy it has been to give it up, even Ayla has got over her initial shock 🙂

Now, instead of sitting in front of the box we sit in front of each other or we watch a dvd on the laptop. It has been nice to go for walks all together as a family, sometimes its to easy to just curl up and watch the box on these colder days, but not nearly as much fun as putting your wellies on and going out for an explore.

2014-11-25 15.02.53

So go on grab your wellies this week instead of the remote, you’ll thank yourself you did!