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The Kelpies of Scotland and the Falkirk Wheel

When my husband first mentioned that he would like to see the Kelpies on a recent trip to visit family in Scotland, I paused for a moment… and looking slightly bermused, I told him that I wasn’t sure the Loch Ness Monster was available for visitors this weekend.

He quickly informed me not to be so silly 🙂 that it was actually an amazing sculpture of two horse heads by a public artist called Andy Scott. My husband is a artist blacksmith/sculpture himself so it made every sense to visit these magnificent metal sculptures and was a great excuse for a family day out on our way up to Scotland.

The Kelpies are set in Falkirk at the Helix park, we had a fairly easy journey over, deciding to set off at 5.00 am to miss all the traffic and let Ayla sleep most of the journey north. I think it took us about 6 or 7 hours to get there but we had plenty of stops along the way.

Before visiting the Kelpies we stopped off at the Falkirk Wheel which was an amazing piece of engineering to witness.

DSC_0067 DSC_0084

There was also a smaller scaled version of the Kelpies standing next to the canal which got us in the mood to see the real thing.

Seeing them full size was pretty spectacular… they are so big! Ayla was most confused why we had been calling them Kelpies all this time she took one look at them and shouted ‘horses daddy, horseys’ 🙂

They are so beautiful, standing 30 metres high they are the largest equine sculptures in the world. They rise out of the ground, surrounded by a small moat with lights which I can imagine when lit will give the impression the Kelpies are moving, as they reflect the lighting through the water onto their steel structure. During the day you can pay to actually walk inside the sculptures and there are also boat trips along the canal.

Whilst we were at the helix we visited a newly built adventure park and fountain/ splash area for the kids, Ayla especially liked the tunnels and the slide.

 After a wonderful time spent with family and celebrating we headed back south after the weekend but couldn’t resist a stop off at Gretna Green before crossing back over the border. It was a perfect excuse to let Ayla see the Blacksmiths shop and pose for a photo by the Anvil!

Maybe Ayla will want to be a Smithy too?? …. Much to our disappointment we didn’t actually find a working blacksmiths forging here!