Moved back home :)

Since my operation back in January we have been living with my parents as I was unable to take care of Ayla on my own. My parents have been amazing in letting us live.. or should I say take over their house, we can be a bit of a noisy/messy bunch πŸ™‚

I am finally well enough to take care of Ayla on my own so we decided to move back this weekend. Having this injury and going through this recovery has been a difficult time but a very special time too, having spent so much time with my parents and watch there bond with Ayla has been precious.

Ayla and Papa 2014-04-16 17.30.49

In addition to moving home we got a new piece of furniture, (second hand but new to us) something that I have always wanted, it used to belong to Josh’s Granny which makes it all the more perfect.

2014-04-27 20.28.32

The cats were pretty quick to take up their place….. on our bed of course πŸ™‚

2014-04-25 22.56.31

Daddy tried to do some design work from home but Ayla insisted on helping.

2014-04-28 12.13.38

(Sporting a very fancy dress.. I might add! πŸ™‚ Sent with love from Ayla’s Great Uncle and Aunty who live in Spain)

The weather has been pretty good so we headed out into the garden and made Donkey a crown of flowers for her head.

2014-04-28 16.49.35 2014-04-28 16.50.07 2014-04-28 16.49.52

The apple blossoms were out in full to welcome us home which was especially lovely.

2014-04-28 16.50.53

Ayla set to work blowing the dandelion clocks, so that daddy would have a beautiful dandelion-adorned-lawn of course!

2014-04-28 16.54.16

The patch where the chickens were living has come back very lush, it just needs some TLC and patching here and there but they have certainly fertilised it well. Ayla keeps looking for the chickens, I do miss them…. hope we can get some more in the future, the place seems empty without them.

2014-04-28 17.32.21 2014-04-28 17.33.07

When it rained I put a Tipi up in the living room (as you do!) … I actually picked this up somewhere at a silly cheap price years ago and held onto it. Has come in handy as a fun den/playhouse for tea parties with dolly’s.

Second day back home and I was feeling confident enough to take Ayla out on my own by managing to drive and lift her in and out of the car seat, so we went to see Saracen!! πŸ™‚ (with carrots)

2014-04-29 11.38.16 2014-04-29 11.38.21

Something I would have taken for granted before all of this was lifting Ayla, taking the car out, taking care of Ayla and holding her, catching her, pushing her on the swings and being independent. After not being able to for so long I am enjoying every minute of it and appreciate doing the little things all the more! I still get pain but it does get better each day and I can see an end to all of this now. I am just so thankful that they were able to secure my spine and thankful to God that none of this was permanent, I have been so humbled by this experience and my heart goes out to anyone who is ill, injured, paralysed or sick.

2014-04-29 11.45.40

When your body fails you it is easy to give your mind and feelings over to it too, but don’t! Hold onto hope and love and trust that you will be joyful again. If I hadn’t been through these 6 months I would never have started blogging, photographing and writing… It is during this time that I have learned that hard times can bring about great blessings in the midst of the darkness.


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