Let’s get making!

Spoilt myself to a beautiful magazine over Easter, its called ‘Homemaker magazine’ I really like the style of the magazine. It had all sorts of things you could try, (that weren’t all just adverts for things) and most ideas didn’t result in you having to spend an absolute fortune either. I really enjoyed flicking through all the photos with so many inspirational ideas that leave you itching to get creative!

2014-04-24 10.33.10


They also gave you two free gifts one of which was the fabric for making a bird decoration and a cat cushion. So I thought I would have a go………..

2014-04-23 23.22.55 2014-04-23 23.24.54

I started by cutting out all the pieces from the fabric.

2014-04-23 23.29.09 2014-04-23 23.40.14

I then ran the iron over them so the fabric was smooth and flat before pinning them together, with the decorated sides facing in.

2014-04-23 23.47.49 2014-04-23 23.57.44 2014-04-24 01.05.02

I then stitched around the edge by hand, following the line of the design.

2014-04-24 02.02.25 2014-04-24 01.29.42

Leaving enough of a gap for stuffing, I turned the pieces inside out and stuffed.

2014-04-24 00.28.21 2014-04-24 00.30.16  2014-04-24 02.11.07

For the little bird I added a piece of ribbon into the last seam, to use as a decoration.

2014-04-24 00.36.59 2014-04-24 00.50.53

Had such fun making these and left them out for Ayla to find the next morning which was a nice surprise … I was a little less enthusiastic however, as I stayed up till 3 am stitching away but I had so much fun in the process 🙂

2014-04-24 02.36.54


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