Nature Knows Best!

I have become more and more aware lately, like so many others, of the complete bombardment of chemicals we are subjecting our bodies too and after some persuasion from my Brothers fiancée (thanks Robyn) I went ahead and bought some natural products that she recommended to me.

2014-03-12 14.58.13

I have been using the Rosehip Oil on my scar every night as it is said to reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks and fine lines. I dab just a few drops onto the skin and leave overnight.

Coconut oil can be used to treat a many number of things – so far I have only used it as an overnight hair treatment and the results were immediate! It has definitely made a difference to the shine and condition of my hair.

The soap is a dead sea natural mineral soap which I’m not entirely sure is 100% natural ingredients, but seems to be a nice soap to use and leaves your skin feeling soft and clean.

No good being beautiful on the outside if your no good on the inside, so I have made a concerted effort to get us all to eat more fresh fruit and vegetables too!

2014-03-12 09.44.52 2014-03-12 12.23.33

The greatest hit with the family has been making smoothies in the morning… delicious!! Or as Ayla calls them ” Mooozies!” its so cute I just love the way she says it 🙂

2014-03-12 09.01.23

The great thing about smoothies is they are so easy and fun to experiment with – its quite exciting seeing how they’ll turn out. We bought lots of frozen fruit as well which makes them nicely chilled… brain freeze!

To top it all off Dad made the biggest pot of soup the other day!


This should keep us going till Easter!

For lent this year I decided to give up sweets and chocolates. Me and Mum took a trip to the local farm shop and needing something to satisfy my sweet cravings these are the very next best thing – totally scrumptious, yummy-yummy-dates. (Ayla loves these too!)

2014-03-12 14.50.20

It has been quite fun making an effort to eat more fresh fruit and veg and surprisingly easy. A great thing about soups, salads and smoothies is they are an incredibly quick, hassle free, and an easy way to up your intake.

2014-03-11 17.08.43

Now don’t get me wrong.. I’m no saint I eat lots of things I probably shouldn’t and use all kinds of chemicals. Yet it seems pretty clear that the less processed food we can eat and chemicals we use on our bodies, can only have a positive effect on our health and well being.

Thank you Nature!


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