Story Time!

Yesterday we headed off to the Library or – “Lyebee” as Ayla calls it, she was so enthusiastic she shouted at the top of her little lungs “Lyebee ..Lyebee..Lyebee!!!” all the way through the doors into the kids area. We are fortunate that our local Library is set up for kids and really encourages them to get excited, get involved and still be ‘kids’ around books.

20140310_162735         20140310_160452


I am so happy that she has a love for books and that they bring her so much joy.

20140310_161852 20140310_161900

Me and Josh have been reading her stories way before she could even comprehend they were there, we even bought her books when she was still just a bump. I love the bedtime stories and now she will happily pick up a book herself sit down, and amuse herself studying the pages.

So fortunate to have access to so many books for free!!! If you have a library near you I really recommend making use of it, Ayla loves picking out some new books, its a great afternoon out. Unfortunately me and mum couldn’t resist a cuppa and a flapjack in the cafe which obviously weren’t for free, but were totally worth it … a very nice treat.

2014-03-10 16.39.30

Summed up a lovely afternoon with Mum, Ayla, Books, Tea and Flapjacks!

2014-03-10 16.39.07


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