These boots were made for walking!

Feeling so much stronger now and with the weather finally giving us some relief from all that rain I had to put my boots on and get some walking done.

 My first attempt2014-03-05 17.25.03 at going for a walk was a wander round some of the soggy fields at home. To be honest it was just nice to have some freedom and fresh air, I left Ayla napping at mums and went on a walk along some of the footpaths I explored as a child. I had very muddy boots by the end of it but it was totally worth it. However going for a walk without the company of a certain four legged friend did leave me longing for my little Mac dog to be trotting along at my side.

We couldn’t resist another chance to get those walking boots on again, so Mum took me and Ayla to a lovely Park to feed the ducks and let Ayla try out her new trike from her Granny.

20140304_125423 20140304_125502

The funniest thing about feeding the ducks was that they were so well fed none of them were at all interested in the bread we brought, (which was home baked, no less, by my very lovely Dad). However this was of absolutely no concern to Ayla as she seemed far more 2014-03-04 12.58.46content happily tucking into it herself. Not sure she understood why we wanted to throw it away in the first place!


My favourite walk last week though was a wonderful walk through the woods, I love walking through the woods there is something quite magical about being surrounded by these awesome trees standing together both silent and strong.

2014-03-08 15.48.12

2014-03-08 15.42.46

I have really missed the outdoors these past few months and it was so amazing watching Ayla walking about on her own and exploring it all for herself.

2014-03-08 15.42.27 2014-03-08 15.40.41

All topped off with another walk, this time along the river where we came across a family of geese and ate our lunch by the River bank. What more could you ask for!

2014-03-08 15.00.13      2014-03-08 14.18.24


2 thoughts on “These boots were made for walking!

  1. Gill Johnson

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your photos. Ayla is beautiful. You’ll find that you’ll see the world through her eyes – fresh and new. It’s great! Sending love and a hug xx


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