Snowdrops and a Case of Mistaken-Cat Identity!

The snowdrops are looking great this year, and so many of them!

2014-02-22 15.49.55It feels like spring has sprung… although, I can’t help feeling its all too good to be true, and hoping we’re not in for a nasty shock of ‘May snow’ or something crazy! I just can’t seem to understand our weather/seasons any more.

Caleb was not feeling particularly photogenic …..

2014-02-22 15.50.01

Which was a shame… on the plus side he was up for lots of fuss instead šŸ™‚ which I dutifully gave him. He is possibly the chattiest, friendliest cat you could ever wish to meet.

Percy was feeling much more photogenic, when we took a visit this weekend to see Ayla’s Granny and Grandad. He is so handsome and has the softest cuddliest coat.

2014-02-22 16.25.54 2014-02-22 16.37.49

My unfortunate case of mistaken cat-identity.

One winters night driving back from the stables I saw a dead cat lying in the side of the road (it was a pitch black country lane… in my defence) I stopped the car fearing the worst and peering down at the little black cat with white paws and a white chest I started to cry. At the time I remember looking at his face and thinking it didn’t look completely like our cat, but then I thought, I suppose you wouldn’t look yourself after being … well .. knocked down.

Wrapping the cat up, I sobbed as I lay him down in the car and drove the short distance back to the house. I then had the agonising decision of how to break the news to Josh. When no sooner had I stepped out of the car when I heard “mmmeaow”, and the cat flap swinging… “Caleb?….CALEB!!”. Scooping him up into my arms I ran into the house tears of joy now down my face and Josh looking bewildered.

“What’s happened??” he asked

” I thought Caleb had been ran over! “

“He’s fine “

“Yes … but, I’ve got a cat in the back of the car….and he isn’t!”

I was so embarrassed I made Josh drive the poor dead cat back to where I had found it and knock on the nearest house. Turned out it was a cat from one of the farms and Josh was able to break the news to the owner. I was so relieved it wasn’t Caleb but felt awful for that poor cat…. he actually didn’t look like Caleb really, I had just convinced myself it was him.

Our Cats (Three brothers) – Top – Amos (sadly no longer with us R.I.P lovely boy), bottom left – Caleb and right – Shilo, all relaxing together!


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