Blown Away!

Well the winds have blown the poly tunnel away! Not just blown the cover off, but actually picked it up knocking over the fencing to the chicken pen! (The door to the chicken coop is also looking a little dubious).

And this was what my lovely husband had to rescue this morning.

2014-02-13 15.56.122014-02-13 15.53.25

Thankfully no real harm has been done and the chickens seem completely unfazed by it all. We haven’t got any plants in there at the moment anyway, we were using it for storage mostly and the chickens enjoyed the extra shelter. We are going to need a new cover for it now though I think as it has been badly ripped, so be nice to get it up and going reading for some planting in the spring when I am fully recovered.

On a more positive note – a surprise box of goodies was waiting for us in the porch this morning!….

2014-02-13 10.44.07

Thank you Hollie, Adam, Linden, bump and Fitz too! 🙂 This box of goodies has had Ayla entertained all day!

Ayla especially liked the reusable sticker pad…

2014-02-13 10.53.41 2014-02-13 10.53.43

Hollie is my very good friend and the owner of Saracen one very special horse, that I have had the privilege of taking care of when I was younger and again over these last few years. He is 30 now and one amazing horse, I am so thankful to Hollie for letting me share in his life and for her friendship – (thanks Hollie if your reading this!)

Spent the rest of the day visiting the Supermarket and picking up something nice for me and Josh’s Valentines meal!

2014-02-13 17.19.58

Ayla spent the supermarket trip singing this silly song that I made up the other day … my fault entirely! She was saying “Shake… shake your Body” . This is because when we were shaking shakers and dancing in the living room the other day, I made up this stupid song “Shake, shake shake your body”.

The unfortunate thing is that out of context and to members of the public a 15month old telling you to – ‘shake your body’ sounds, well… a little inappropriate! Especially when Ayla’s speech makes it sound almost like… ‘shake your booty!’ 🙂 Me and Mum tried to hold back the laughter so as not to encourage it, but it was hard not to laugh!


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