The neck brace came off!!!!!

Oh my goodness it feels great 🙂 and my scar is healing nicely… hardly even noticeable!

2014-02-11 20.45.09For those of you that don’t know I had to have a C6-7 disc replacement and fixation – basically they took a disc out of my neck, put something in its place to cause it to fuse to the vertebra and then screwed a metal plate over it to keep it all in place… I think!

So I thought I could share my neck brace wearing tips!

1. Straws are your new best friend, you cant tip your head up far enough to finish a cuppa, and cans are virtually impossible to drink. (You can drink to about half way then forget the rest!)

2. Scarves are great for hiding the fact that you are wearing a neck brace and help to make you blend in….. although you tend to look a little stiff in the neck.

3. Rolled small towels either side of your head on the pillow create a nice cradle and help you to adjust your position without lifting your head.

4. Perfectly positioned seating for either television or visitors as you cant move your head to look at anything!

5. Tops with big necks that you can step into, or button up shirts are easiest.

6. A mountain of pillows that you can never quite seem to get in the right place

7. Some one to cut up your food for you…. or just order pizza!

8. Yawning is virtually impossible … and it causes you to make the funniest face because you can’t open your mouth wide enough.

9. People will tend to talk to you right where you can’t see them… and then wonder why your not looking at them!

10. People will ask… ‘What happened to you?’ … if you get bored of telling the same story again and again make up new ones!

On the plus side people will avoid you in crowds, it does help you get around and people tend to hold doors for you which is nice. So wear it with pride! Unfortunately people will stare, children are often scared or ask their parent loudly – “Why has that lady got a funny thing on her neck?”

But when you are finally released from its jaws you will be a stronger person than you were before, in more ways than one.


SAM_1976Wearing my collar since the 10th of Nov until the 11th of Feb day and night has been tough at times but weirdly, I now have a sense of achievement…. I did it! And I pray I never have to do it again, but I am so thankful to God that I was not paralysed and that they were able to successfully operate on my spine.

Feel like I am coming out the other side of all this now, still got a way to recover yet,(physiotherapy etc) but at least I’m on the way out of this. Looking forward to being active again…… I’ll be like one of those fresh horses turned out for the first time in months!



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