Mums The Word!

Ok so we haven’t got a farm…. not yet anyway! I have wanted land forever it seems, wanted to care for animals all my life and have had an overwhelming desire to be around horses ever since I can remember.

2013-08-07 15.04.28

I think I thought that by the time me and Josh had children we would already have a farm, Josh’s workshop would be on the doorstep and I would bake bread everyday and ride around in a pony and trap.(… ok well maybe not the last two!)

The funny thing is while your making plans life often has a habit of making plans of its own! Finding out I was pregnant was one of those life surprises that you never forget and for all the right reasons. I was shocked, excited, nervous, happy, (it felt quite surreal to be honest).

I remember me and Josh taking the test and thinking ….. we’re pregnant? checking over and over again the packet, the instructions and the result.

Who would have thought that two little lines could mean life… another little life in my belly another human being a person, a baby, our baby….. our family!

We carried on mucking out the horses that Sunday afternoon with smiles and laughter in shock and bewilderment….. we were really having a baby!

The thing is no one tells you how much you then worry about this little being inside of you and the hours you wonder about them. It is incredible how a baby is formed inside the womb. Going through childbirth and pregnancy has made me see and appreciate the fragility and beauty of life all the more.

Having Ayla has changed our life in so many ways but having the chance to be her Mummy has been the greatest honour, challenge and reward I could imagine.

Now that I am a ‘stay at home mum’ although… I don’t like the term ‘stay at home’! Me and Ayla like very much to get ‘out and about’ the home. It hasn’t been possible so much lately but certainly plan to when I am back to full health.

I am really enjoying this time with Ayla and planning and dreaming ahead to our future… I hope to get back to working with horses when Ayla is older and when I am better would love to get involved volunteering for the RDA (Riding for the Disabled), something I have always wanted to do and not got around to doing.

If you keep on the track headed towards your dreams .. you will get there, even if the steps you take seem really small your still heading in the right direction and you will get there eventually, just keep going!


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