Ventured outside!

Have been missing the outdoors these past few weeks and it actually stopped raining here for a change and so we jumped at the chance to go outside… Im not entirely sure who was taking who for a walk….

2014-02-07 13.06.43 2014-02-07 13.06.35

It was perhaps a bit excessive to make Ayla wear a hat and a hood but she seemed to enjoy getting out in the fresh air, its as much as I can do to keep up with her. Luckily Mum was on hand to take over when I got tired.

2014-02-07 13.04.372014-02-07 13.07.57

There were hints of Spring on the way…. but don’t let that fool you!

2014-02-07 13.16.27

2014-02-07 13.16.46

Was so nice to get outside, you can get a bit stir crazy being inside… there is only so much television I can watch.

Thankfully the television has been made redundant due to the fact that my ever-so-lovely husband bought me my very own laptop! (Another reason why I can’t help myself blogging) I have never had a computer that is so fast… amazing!

I don’t shout at this computer nearly as much as the last one…. we have only fallen out once and that was over windows 8! I hasten to add this is not my lovely laptops fault. It doesn’t seem to have taken it personally and I think I am even starting to grasp this WIndows 8 thing.

Hopefully the rain will let up again tomorrow and we can get back out in the fresh air again, I think walking everyday will help with my recovery which I am eager to get started with. Have to see surgeon again in about 3 weeks to check my neck and then can start physio.

Until then Ayla is pretty good exercise for now!

2014-02-07 13.15.12

My heart goes out to all the families who have been effected by all this flooding, and for everyone with animals/livestock in this area, thinking and praying for them all at this time.


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