Brace Yourself!

This Blog doesn’t exactly start in a great place, but it is perhaps in this place where it has been possible to start.

Basically I fell off my horse the day after Ayla’s (my daughter) first Birthday, Halloween to be exact and several hospital visits/stays later, one operation and wearing a neck brace for ever!!! … I am here, still wearing a neck brace, but on the mend.

2014-02-05 09.50.18

I guess though It has given me plenty of time to think and a chance to start this Blog which I have been meaning to do for a while.

Me my husband and baby girl live along with our 12 chickens and 2 cats. We have a poly tunnel which I hope to make better use of when I am well again. My horses have had to go on loan to other families for now so I am horseless for the first time in a long time which is strange but my horses are still very close by to visit when it all gets too much!

Here they are : Saracen (chestnut Welsh cross gelding age 30) and Glenny (Grey Irish draught Mare aged 20)

I also lost my lovely little dog shortly after my accident which has been so hard for all the family. He had a very bad heart condition and had struggled on for so long but It had come to the point where I had to make that heart breaking desicion to have him put to sleep. Although it was awful, I did have a peace about letting him go, it is so hard to see a loved one suffer – here is a photo of happier times last summer.

1373011046458 1372888866196

So now all the bad new is out the way, oh… almost forgot .. my car died as well but that didn’t really matter so much because wearing a neck brace means you can’t drive anyway!

Lets get on to some good news… hoping to Blog my recovery and journey towards our dream of some day owning a farm, I feel further away from it than I ever have before, but it has made me all the more determined to achieve it.

Hoping to get some greener fingers in the garden growing some fruit and veg this year and we are in desperate need of building a new home for the chickens.

So from here I’m guessing things can only get better and I’m eager to get started!


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